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       iso choppy playback
    post Sep 30 2011, 05:20 PM
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    I am new to WDTV. I have a wdtv live hub. I copied dvd iso's to the local hub drive and the video is real choppy and blocky. These isos play fine on my mac. The weird thing is the copyright warning comes in clear as day. Also the audio is choppy too. It updated the firmware when I setup the device.

    Please help. How can I fix this?

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    post Sep 30 2011, 05:20 PM
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    post Oct 10 2011, 05:07 PM
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    Hi Peter,

    I am brand new to the WD Live scene too. I just unboxed my units last night and, without too much fuss, managed to get them onto the network and pointed to my NAS files (though for some reason it just will not 'see' my 5GHz connection, only the 2.4GHz one and the adapters are dual band n-class).

    I haven't had any blockyness, but the iso's due play wierdly. They will play fine for between 5 and 60 seconds, then start playing in a kind of double-time speed whilst skipping frames - there is also no sound during this time. If I skip to the next chapter playback resumes to normal for again, about 5 seconds, then back to the strange skipping again. Same if I pause the movie for a few moments, plays fine for a few seconds after un-pausing, then back to the skippy/jumpy thing again.

    I spent a few hours trawling through the forums last night and there was mentions of:

    1) Amending the screen display size and refresh rate, setting it to a specific amount (ie 50Hz) or not at all and to leave on Auto. Tried multiple combinations - no change.

    2) Changing the playback region settings to Central Europe (i think) ISO - no change.

    3) Dissableing DNLA network under Network Settings; I can't find any such settings on this firmware and not sure if I'm missing something - so, no change.

    4) Not to upgrade to the latest firmware (1.06.15) - too late for me, I just did it as matter of habbit with a new 'toy'.

    The main reason for getting the streamer is that I have about 900+ DVD quality (4GB+) downloaded movies which have all been converted to DVD (VOB) format and burnt to disc. I recently aquired an awesome NAS unit (Synology 1511+) and chucked 10TB of storage in it and was hoping to get all my movies onto the NAS so that I didn't have to use the discs anymore.

    All of the iso's I have tested have been created through various mediums. I have original rips using DVDFab - ripped to VOBs and burnt onto disc. I have now imported the file (off the DVD) to the NAS using MagicISO (as an iso not uif - would this make a difference?). I also have downloaded mkv's which have been converted using ConvertXtoDVD and burnt straight into an iso. Avi's and various other formats that have been converted using ConvertXtoDVD and burnt onto disc, then used MagicISO to create an image. All of which play flawlessly using my PC or laptop straight from the NAS using VLC player. Also the stream brilliantly to my iPhone using GoodPlayer.

    I have tried burning a converted image to disc and checking that the new image isn't corrupted - and the few I've done play without issue on several different brand players in the house.

    Other file formats play fine like mpegs, but i tried it with a .mov file and had the same issue as the iso playback!

    Any help/advise really welcomed as otherwise I've just forked out $300 (including the usb wi-fi cards) for nothing!
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    post Nov 19 2011, 10:24 PM
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    I (and others) have had this problem since I bought the Live Hub.

    For me it's a fairly consistent problem with DVD source material. With other formats it happens occasionally, but my DVDs pretty much all have this jerkiness, most often in horizontal panning shots. It might have something to do with the interlaced MPEG2 video but that's a guess.

    Putting the VOB files into an MKV container doesn't seem to make a difference nor does extracting and joining (not converting) the VOB files into MPEG2 files.

    I've tried converting into other formats with little effect, so that leads me to suspect the interlacing.

    If you find a fix, please share it with the board.
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    post Feb 18 2012, 01:11 PM
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    I bought a wd live hub last fall, an upgrade from my gen 1 wdtv, to accompany a new tv in our house. I was ripping my dvds to .iso format and storing them on an external 2tb drive. Plugging the drive into the live hub, every rip played perfectly up until 2 days ago when I finally picked up a cat6 network cable and got the live hub connected to my network. Since then, both .iso files and video_ts folder files suffer from the same symptoms listed above (5 - 60 seconds perfect, then choppy), and this is also happening with the same .iso files that are still on the external drive and connected via usb. I have not witnessed this behaviour with other types of files (.avi, .mkv etc.)

    As a test, I simply unplugged the network cable from the live hub (took it offline), and voila, all my .iso rips on the external drive play perfectly again. I'm running the latest firmware (as of today.)

    I guess the limitation is to play .iso files from an external drive and unplug the wd live hub from the network before playing them. Kind of defeats the purpose of having a NAS or server to store your collection centrally and access them that way, but I find this will allow proper playback and proves it is not the .iso rips but a problem with the wd live hub (I also have seen similar behaviour with the WDTV Live Plus.)

    WDTV's have a history of funky quirks....the gen 1 wouldn't play a .m3u playlist that had more than 1 folder depth to the file structure if the files were kept on a FAT32 formatted drive, however that limitation didn't exist on an NTFS formatted drive.
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